E-Commerce Site & Brand Identity

Grizzly's team needed a website to kickstart their business online and convert site visits into sales. Additionally, they needed a logo that represented who they are as a company so they can leave their mark wherever they need to.

Website Redesign

The leadership at Central recognized that their website was starting to show its age. They needed a website that was new, clean, and functional without giving up the welcoming atmosphere that the first website had. It also needed to have all of their information organized for their members.

Website Redesign & Registration Tool

The first SOAR website needed a face lift that would make it more appealing to their attendees. They wanted a crisp and clean website that gave users information quickly. Additionally, they needed a registration tool that was easy to use.

Who We Are

Flytrap Creative consists of a small team of design-minded individuals who eagerly look forward to taking your unique business and giving it that creative edge it deserves.


All members on the Flytrap Creative team have formal digital media training and experience in working with a multitude of digital and physical mediums. It is our desire to see a project from start to finish and create something that truly encapsulates the visions of our clients.

Creative Solutions For Creative Needs

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What We Do

Navigating The Creative Space

We are a full-service creative studio that offers many solutions to creative issues your business might encounter. We have organized these services into three distinct categories to help you better define what it is that your business needs. These categories are web design, branding, and strategy.

Our Work

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