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Grizzly Athletics Cofounder

The Process of our logo being created was very smooth and simple. Flytrap was able to create a logo that showcased everything we wanted in a single image.

Grizzly Athletics

When we first met the Grizzly Athletics team, they were just getting their business set up and running. They had no website to sell their apparel online and they needed help with showing off what their brand stands for. They hired us on to solve two issues of theirs. First, they needed a functional website that would serve as their e-commerce platform for their business. This website would also need to have the space and capabilities of adding more features as Grizzly Athletics looks to expand their offerings from just athletic apparel to lifestyle and training options as well. Second, they needed a logo that better fit their brand than their previous one.


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Grizzly Athletics Logo

Our Plan

01 Concept

First, we set out to collect as much information as we could. We wanted to know absolutely everything they wanted to achieve with these projects.

02 Logo Design

We felt that the logo was a great place to start. Through several rounds of logo development, each one iterating on the previous; we were able to reach a final design that exceeded their expectations.

03 Website Design

A big need for their business was the ability to sell goods online. A prototype design was quickly built up and shown for review. After several edits and fine tuning, their website is functional and eye catching.

04 Implementation

Having agreed on a finalized logo and website for Grizzly Athletics, the last step was to implement both projects. Grizzly was sent a massive logo package and their website is ready to be published when they are ready to launch.

Bus Stop, Grizzly Athletics, Mockup

The End Result

The Right First Step

By the end of our projected timeline, we had created a logo that represents Grizzly Athletics the way they wanted to be seen. They are a strong, powerful, and focused group of athletes, who design performance driven apparel that looks and feels great. Additionally, we designed a fully functioning e-commerce website that hosts all of their products in one place for their customers. The Grizzly Athletics team were thrilled with the results and are set up for success.

Bear Logo
Grizzly Athletics Bear Logo
Bear Logo, Grizzly Athletics

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