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“I hired Jacob and Flytrap to completely redesign my website on a tight, essential timeline. I felt so concerned and stressed before connecting with them. It felt impossible to find an organization that would work closely with me to produce something polished within budget and within my timeline. This team became my fairy godmothers. Jacob brought my ideas to life while adding touches beyond desires. They were timely, professional, accommodating, organized, and genuinely kind. Jacob was flexible to my desired work flow, willing to call with me when I needed and always taking my comments into consideration. The final site turned out beautiful, and I recommend this team with my highest confidence. They were willing to go back and forth on small details until it was perfect, and they never seemed fed up. I appreciate their patience and dedication. Connecting with Jacob and Flytrap has been a blessing.”

Key Prep College Apps

When Key Prep first reached out to us, they had found themselves in a unique situation. They already had a site with customers and their team consisted of extraordinary individuals; but as time passed and their team grew and matured, they felt their business needed to mature as well. The team at Key Prep reached out to us to redesign their whole website. Then, they also asked for us to fix and clean up their backend so that their website would be a functional tool their team members could use to make their business run as smooth as possible.


Web Design / Art Direction / E-Commerce / Redesign

Key Prep College Apps - KPCA

Our Plan

01 Concept

First, we sent Key Prep a landing page styled with our new direction in mind, taking in account colors and style choices they had previously liked.

02 Website Design

After coming up with a structured plan, we begin working hard to redesign the entirety of the Key Prep website using our new direction we submitted. All while staying in touch with Key Prep.

03 Backend Development

With the website almost finished, we began tackling some of the backend issues that the website had before we were hired. We helped set up dynamic pages that showed the new content in a much cleaner and understandable way.

04 E-Commerce Launch

With the website redesigned and the backend tools in place, we prepared for a successful launch. We stood by and assisted Key Prep during their launch to ensure a smooth start for their season.

Key Prep College Apps Site

The End Result

A Successful Restart

Key Prep has a beautiful and functional site that is constantly attracting new customers. The Key Prep website now is easily navigable and regularly turns first time shoppers into long time return business. The team at Key Prep can also perform many of the functions required to run their business right through the backend of their site, saving them time, money, and many headaches. In the end, we loved working with Key Prep and will happily assist them in any future projects they need help with.

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