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The leaders of the Central Church of Christ were so impressed with their website we built for them; that when it came time for their large event, they reached out to us once more. This time, they needed not only a new website, but also a registration tool for their event. The new website would have to be cleanly organized and have all the information readily available for their event. In addition to this, the registration tool would have to be able to reliably export data input by the users into an easy to read spreadsheet.


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SOAR Youth Rally

Our Plan

01 Concept

First, we knew we had to design a website that was easy to navigate. Once that was completed we could divert our attention to the registration tool.

02 Website Design

The old SOAR website was complicated for users to maneuver. We started by gathering all the information that the new website needed. We then had to work out a design that was concise.

03 Registration Tool

With the website completed, it was time to build the registration tool that was going to handle their event.

04 Implementation

With their website and registration tool built, the SOAR team is ready to hold their event, and know that their website is working as intended.

SOAR 2020

The End Result

Right On Time

Despite the time constraints we delivered a beautiful, functional website and a group registration tool in time for their big event. They love their new website and the registration tool will handle their event for many years to come.

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