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At Flytrap Creative, we want you to know what it is we are making for you. As such, we offer a free consultation to meet with you and hear about your visions and goals for your website. It is here we will determine how big of a website is needed, what features for your business are necessary, what additional graphic services you might require, if you need content created, and if you want us to handle the ongoing maintenance of the website post-completion.






Shortly after our consultation with you, we will develop a plan to move forward, including the costs for our services. We will present you with our costs and explain fully what you are getting with your money.  Our pricing is based on what you need, so you don't pay extra for stuff you don't want.

After we have agreed to take on the job we will work diligently to design a website that reflects your vision for your company. We will regularly meet with you to ensure the design is something you love and are proud to hold your company's name.

After a design has been chosen and finalized we will then begin to craft your website. This is usually the largest step of the process but is relatively smooth as we build based on what was decided upon in the earlier stages. Much like the design stage, we will be in touch with you every step of the way so that you know how the project is coming along.

With the website almost complete we enter the final stage of the creation process. Here we do any last minute tweaks and fine polishing to really give your website that shine it deserves. Grab your favorite celebratory beverage because when you are happy with the final product all that is left is for us to flip the switch and hand you the keys.

Congratulations! Your website is finished. We also handle the hosting, security, and editing of your site should you need it.


Your Digital Home

It has never been a better time to build a website for your business. 

Websites help your business reach people, and proper websites can even make running your business a smoother process. Our team can take all the hassle and stress of building a website by yourself and set up a website tailor made to your needs. Online orders, product showcases, notification of sales and events, even taking appointments are just a few examples of the multitude of things a good website can do for you.


We know managing and updating a website can be just as exhausting as building one, so that is why our team also offers the service of maintaining, updating, and running your website.

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